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All of your translated instructions and assets available via scannable QR code, no need to print excessively 

Let your translations be right where customers are looking for them – in the game box

Translation Services

If you are launching a game on Kickstarter or selling online, you have the ability to sell to people from all over the world. Language can be a real challenge holding your customers back from playing with their friends and family. Let your customers know that you are aware of language barriers, and are willing to meet them halfway with an accessible solution to their language needs. 

About Us

You should not have to juggle finding quality translators when you are launching your game. You have enough to worry about with play testing, balancing, artwork, etc. Let us use our network of game enthusiast translators to increase the reach of your game beyond your own borders. 


Step 1

Get a Quote

Provide us the details of your game and print run, choose your desired languages from our list of 20+ available languages, and select from various options such as including the in-game inserts or service level to determine your price.

Step 2

Place Order

Provide the raw file or PDF of your rules to be translated and how you want to receive the translation to submit your order.

Step 3

Receive and approve translations

Within 3 weeks – or faster, depending on the service level selected – you will receive the translations from our expert team. Review them and request any revisions that need to be made for free before finalizing approval.

Step 4

 Inserts are shipped to your manufacturer

When submitting approval for the translations, we will request the details regarding your print plans so we can coordinate the logistics for our inserts to arrive at your manufacturer before packaging begins.

Step 5

Your customers can scan and enjoy your game

The insert in the game box allows customers to quickly and easily access the rules page for your game with all linked translations so that everyone can learn together! 



1-2 Languages: $17.50
3-4 Languages: $17.00
5-7 Languages: $16.50
8-11 Languages: $16.00
12+ Languages: $15.00

Translation prices are shown per 500 words per language.

QR Code

In-Game Inserts: $80.00* + Cost**
Print on Rule Book: Free

*Flat Organization Fee
**Printing, Shipping, and Handling (Avg. ~0.06 each)


Translation Service Levels
28-Day Standard Delivery: Free
14-Day Rush Delivery: $50.00
7-Day* Premium Delivery: $150.00

Unlimited Revisions: Free
PDF Hosting Service: Free
Quality Assurance Guarantee: Free

*Unless you are Gloomhaven

The best part of games are the communities and connections that we form. You never know what a game could be capable of accomplishing and who may benefit from these connections.

There are already enough barriers to entry for board games; let us handle the language barrier so you can focus on the game.

Save Time

Have time to focus on the game design

Save Money

Become more efficient and reduce expenses

Expand Your Audience

Grow your gaming communities with ease